Radon causes high radiation doses and long-term exposure may lead to lung cancer. Radonlab's mission is to contribute to an effective measurement and reduction of radon exposure in homes, workplaces and public buildings.

Radon mitigation work


Radonlab's contracting department provides a variety of technical construction- and ventilation solutions against radon in large parts of the country. Radon mitigations are carried out in existing buildings, new constructions, and in connection with home improvement projects. In the event a mitigation plan already exists for a specific building, a contractor from Radonlab may provide the necessary steps for advancement of the project. Contact us for an inspection and quote. Read more ...

Radon mitigation products

radonprodukterWe provide a range of products for radon mitigation. We offer solutions for both existing buildings (RadonSug, MiniVent, Climate Guard etc.) and construction sites (radon barrier and ground ventilation), as well as rehabilitation (radon well, lubricating membranes, liquid membranes). Reliable products that secure buildings against radon gas. Read more ...


radonlab-referanserRadonlab has carried out tens of thousands of measurements, surveys, and improvements in many large and small projects. Our clients are municipalities, cooperatives, private individuals, entrepreneurs etc. Major clients include Oslo municipality (Undervisningsbygg KF, Omsorgsbygg KF), Statsbygg, Forsvarsbygg, Skanska, AF-Group, Bærum municipality, Veidekke, OBOS, Selvaag, Norconsult etc. Please contact us for an abbreviated list of references.